About Oranjetaxi

Oranjetaxi was founded in 2023 with a simple mission - to revolutionize the way we travel. Our vision is to provide a seamless, reliable, and efficient taxi service that puts the customer at the heart of everything we do. We aim to solve the problem of inconvenient and unreliable transportation, making travel an enjoyable experience once again.

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Our Partners

The Quill FC

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Oranjetaxi Sponsored

Do you have what it takes to be apart of the professional football team, The Quill FC? We deliver games of quality and are in search of players of quality to boost our team and our island to reach it's potential glory. Which we will achieve, together with YOU.

Antillen Tours

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of the Caribbean with our meticulously crafted tours. From azure waters to rich cultural experiences, we invite you to explore the beauty and diversity of the Antilles with us. Come discover the heart and soul of these enchanting islands.

The Night Club

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The Night Club gives the opportunity to everyone to just forget about any of our problems.. Such as: the pirates taking your cargo, your hatred towards the government or even your legal problems! Come and join the disco party of De Antillen!

Our Investors


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Their generous investment of several thousand Robux was instrumental in our company's flourishing and growth, marking them as a significant supporter of our success. Their contribution enabled us to thrive and expand exponentially.